About Us

Chris Chadwick and Raglan Tribe identified both a need and an opportunity to support the development of innovation, particularly for business growth and those who need support in getting their concepts to market.

Chris and Raglan have worked together in corporate and entrepreneurial roles, where they have first-hand experience of developing new products, evaluating new technologies and buying technology startup companies in the UK and around the world. It was from this experience, that they determined to develop solutions to fill the large gap that exists between innovators and successful market entry.

The company’s skills and experience cover research and development, technology evaluation, marketing, product development in the following industries: telecommunications, automotive, money transmission, defence, anti-counterfeit, financial services, and consumer goods.

The Founders

Christopher Chadwick

Chris started his entrepreneurial life at the age of 19, as a self-employed ice cream vendor outside New York City. He joined Cadbury-Schweppes as a graduate trainee and 5 years later joined American Express, where he ended up as vice-president of marketing.

He has worked at director level in companies as diverse as Cable & Wireless, The Burton Group and PPP Healthcare. He was Chairman of Denplan Ltd and Managing Director of Guardian Direct.

He set up a new technology division for De La Rue, which specialises in anti-counterfeit products, including currency.

Raglan Tribe

Raglan Tribe

Raglan’s first product developments were a suite of Travel software for the Apple II computer which he developed for his father’s business whilst still at school. Since then he has been responsible for a wide range of product developments from missile guidance systems, automotive chassis systems to ATM cash machines and banknote sorters.

After University, he joined British Aerospace, then spent 12 years at Lucas Industries where he ultimately became Automotive R&D Director, and then TRW as their Chassis Systems Director. Raglan met Chris at De La Rue where he was Group R&D Director, responsible for the delivery of their new product programme for supporting the introduction of the Euro currency.

Raglan is now Managing Director of Mindsheet which he started in 2003. He has extensive board-level experience of delivering large and innovative technology projects. Recent projects have been delivered to Cobham, Finmeccanica, De La Rue, Toyota, Hyundai, Siemens, Delphi Automotive, MoD, Transport for London, North Star Equities and ITI Techmedia.

Raglan is passionate about the process of introducing new blockbuster products to the world.


Innovation Planning

These guys have developed a great product with the Litmus Test. We now have a compelling proposition to take to market based on our new technology platform.

Eumeng Chong & Clive Robinson IDST Biometrics, Newcastle

Innovation Assessment

Raglan and Chris’s products and software have been instrumental in helping us to develop our innovation projects and toolkit for local authorities. We are sold on the method.

Paul Waller Director Digital Inclusion Team, City of London

ACE Innovation Litmus Test

It gave us a level of objectivity on how compelling our product is to viewers and assisted us in sizing up the competition and putting in place a strategy to improve our position in the market. An invaluable tool which, we are sure, will become accepted by companies large and small in helping them launch new products and ideas and as a viability gauge for potential investors and VCs.

Bryan McElearney & Barry Chattington Directors, MoneySpark

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