Do you have the strength to be an Innovator?

This is one of my Innovation Heroes – Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, he is a visionary who has the ability to dream big and raise the necessary capital to make the future happen.

He really wants to change the world, he’s developed businesses on many fronts:

1) PayPal that powers Internet Payment with 173 million users
2) Renewable energy creation with Solar City
3) Renewable energy consumption with Tesla Cars
4) SpaceX a renewable rocket system with the dream of getting to Mars

This Bloomberg video highlights his exploits, the ups and downs of being a true Innovation Pioneer. One risky venture is quite enough for most people, however the Financial Crash in 2010 nearly blew all his dreams. Watch how his strength of character battles through against the odds.

I love it!

In fact, this is a comment from Steve Wood that captures my thoughts exactly:

How the fuck could you ever in a million years dislike this video. This man literally has the biggest balls in the world. The business risks he took after selling paypal are unfathomable. Even most billionaires experience success as a happy accident through a great product (facebook, oracle, google) or by producing the most effective product in a known market that is projected to be successful (microsoft taking the GUI from apple who took it from xerox) or just boring ass retail/services (general retail, luxury markets, oil&gas, telecom, casinos, healthcare, etc). 99.9% of men would have floundered on their $22m at the age of 28… not Elon. The man isn’t in it for the money, he wants what is best for the future and shame on all these profit focused douchenozzles who say otherwise …

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