I’ve got a great product, so why don’t they buy?

I’ve just got back from a client assignment in Newcastle. Like many people, they have a great product that really meets the needs of their target market. There’s just one little problem, they can’t sell it. Can you relate to this?

No-one is prepared to take the plunge and buy from you. They have no idea who you are or what they can expect from your product or service.

Internet marketing legend Frank Kern summarises this problem very neatly. Before you can start selling to your market, you have to have a relationship in place with them.

There are 4 hurdles you must overcome in order to establish that relationship.

1. Interest and Desire

Or, put it another way… I get bombarded with hundreds of messages all day long, why should I listen to you?

You need to grab their interest through appropriate marketing tactics and arouse their desire to want the very thing your product offers.

2. Bonding and Trust

Ok, you’ve got my attention but why should I listen to you

No matter how interested people are in you, your product or service, they need to trust you, know you are real and that your product works. Tell them about yourself and your product.

3. Proof

That’s an interesting proposition but who else has this worked for?

Prove it’s worked for other people by some real examples such as stories, testimonials or interviews.

4. Samples

I think this may be for me, can I try it?

This doesn’t have to be a literal bit of your product. It can be a free trial, or an example of what they would receive.

Get these 4 components in place and you are ready to win over your target market.

Our clients have incorporated this advice into their business plans and are raring to build a relationship with their market. I’ll let you know about their product when they are ready to launch as it is a very cool service that will revolutionise your internet experience.

Now watch this classic Frank Kern video for creating a relationship with your customer list:

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