It’s easy to take for granted, but the UK is just a great place for starting a technology business. Possibly up there with the US.

Just £25 and you can set up a Limited company, less bureaucracy than most other parts of the world, filing a patent is free, there’s plenty of access to technology graduates, to raising finance and so on…

So why do we always moan so much? Well, this motivational video from the UK Trade and Investment programme really makes you think. Yes, why not bring your start-up to the UK!

The GEP is a Department for International Trade (DIT) programme that seeks to enable technology entrepreneurs from all over the world to globalise their business from a UK strategic hub. It does this by harnessing the insight, networks and experience of its team of internationally successful entrepreneurs, known as Dealmakers, to help identify and accelerate the world's best early-stage technology businesses. 

Now watch this exciting "goose bumps" inducing video:

What do you think?

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